My Pillow Guy Hires Lin Wood To Sue Anderson Cooper For Defamation Over Poison Plant COVID Drug

published 10.09.2020 17:43

Image of article 'My Pillow Guy Hires Lin Wood To Sue Anderson Cooper For Defamation Over Poison Plant COVID Drug'

My Pillow Creator Michael Lindell Threatens CNN with Legal Redress Over Anderson Cooper Interview [Newsweek] Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore where she writes about law and politics.

Our best guess is that Wood was referring to neutralization tests which the Army was conducting at the time to determine Oleandrin’s efficacy against the coronavirus — an in vitro assay, which is neither a Phase 1 or Phase 2 trial, and certainly doesn’t involve 1,000 human subjects.

According to Newsweek, which, again, has not published the letter from Wood, “Among Cooper’s statements that Wood says in his letter are false are that Phase I and Phase II clinical studies have not been conducted; that the drug ‘has never been tested;’ and that tests do not exist ‘anywhere outside a lab in a test tube.'”

By amazing coincidence, Mike Lindell has a financial stake in Phoenix Biotechnology, and would thus stand to benefit if the federal government decided to buy up millions of doses of the drug and start touting it as the “answer to the virus.”

“While I am fully aware that [Anderson] Cooper’s sarcastic, mocking, derisive, and demeaning tone, attitude and facial expressions toward Mr. Lindell are not legally actionable,” he wrote to CNN’s executive vice president David Vigilante, “I have complete confidence that Cooper’s false and defamatory accusations are actionable.”

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