Canalys: 278 million 5G smartphones to be sold in 2020

published 10.09.2020 15:12


Average sales price of 5G phones in Europe is expected to fall to $765 in 2021, and then steadily go down to $477 in 2024, mostly because Samsung and Apple are still key players in this market and they have more expensive portfolios than the competition.

According to Shengtao Jin, an analyst at Canalys, this milestone has arrived three months earlier than expected and will cause a significant ripple effect in other regions - Southeast Asia, EMEA, and even Latin America, where smartphone companies from China are expanding.

Predictions for the market in 2021 sees almost doubling the amount of 5G phones around the world, with all key regions seeing a massive growth in total volume.

According to Canalys, 278 million phones with 5G will be sold in 2020, with 62% of them, or 172 million, in the Greater China market.

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