United Airlines Says "Forever" But It Only Means "Until We Change Our Mind

published 31.08.2020 20:39

Image of article 'United Airlines Says "Forever" But It Only Means "Until We Change Our Mind'

But the case produced this memorable exchange between Judge David Hamilton, Judge Diane Wood, and counsel for United: Judge Hamilton: You expect people to rely on this promise.

It boiled down to whether United’s promise to potential MillionMilers to entice more business was superseded by the carte blanche clause in the MileagePlus contract that United could make changes to its program at anytime without notice.

United argued that the terms of it MileagePlus program superseded any promises to MillionMilers, which did not have a separate contract.

Indeed, United had promised just months ago that MillionMiler benefits were safe: The case went to trial.

United had promised its MillionMiler members (those who travelled at least 1,000,000 miles on United) two systemwide upgrades upon qualification and two confirmed regional upgrades per year as part of their lifetime benefits package.

by Matthew Klint from liveandletsfly.com

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