Russian arrested for trying to recruit an insider and hack a Nevada company

published 26.08.2020 02:57

Image of article 'Russian arrested for trying to recruit an insider and hack a Nevada company'

August 18: In a subsequent meeting, Kriuchkov tells CHS1 that the gang refused to pay him an upfront fee, as they have never done so before; however, they agreed to the $1,000,000 payment.

Kriuchkov also claimed that a member of the group is an employee at a government bank in Russia and that the group paid $250,000 for the malware, which was written specifically for CHS1's company.

Kriuchkov also suggests that his gang can make the malware infection appear as it originated from another employee if CHS1 had anyone in mind they wanted "to teach a lesson."

During this meeting, Kriuchkov attempts again to convince CHS1 to participate in the scheme, this time claiming that his group has been orchestrating these "special projects" for years and that all other employees who cooperated were never caught and still work for their employers.

August 3: During the last day of the trip, at a bar late at night, Kriuchkov tells CHS1 he works for a group on "special projects" through which they pay employees for installing malware on their employers' networks.

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