Lloyds shares are up 11% in five days. Here’s what I’d do next

published 06.08.2020 08:00

But the bank has net tangible assets of 60p a share, more than double today’s share price.

Despite the obliteration of the Lloyds share price, there are still arguments for owning shares in this bombed-out bank.

Now for the good news: Lloyds shares cratered at 25.43p on 31 July and are up 10.8% in five days.

In short, it’s been a brutal year for Lloyds shareholders (and for its staff, most of whom own shares in their employer).

What’s more, Lloyds shares are down almost two-thirds (61.7%) from their 52-week high of 73.66p, hit on 13 December last year.

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