L.A. Affairs: How 20 weeks of quarantine healed my marriage

published 01.08.2020 16:00

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While I pray to wake up in the morning to a virus-free world, I also pray that my husband and I keep this newly found bond and communication, with wine nights and sunny afternoons on the balcony, like two old women in the Romanian countryside, sitting on a bench by the front gate and gossiping about the passersby.

Once in California, with the introduction of more technology into everyone's lives, even though we lived under the same roof and were just a couple of feet apart, the communication between us faded and was replaced by a nightly silence, disrupted at times by my husband's reaction to whatever sports accomplishment was taking place on TV.

Daniel and I met through family in 2007 and kept a long-distance relationship — he in California, I in Romania — for a year, during which we spent only two separate weeks in person.

But on that anniversary night, after my son went to bed, Daniel and I did the unthinkable: sat down with a bottle of red wine, cheese and crackers for our anniversary dinner.

“Don’t stand, don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me…” Daniel sang along with Sting while I was preparing a dinner to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary, back in March.

by Andrea Lewis from latimes.com

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