Ugly’: Botched celebrity homes that horrify fans

published 01.08.2020 22:16

In recent weeks, we’ve gasped at Demi Moore’s carpeted bathroom – complete with rock wall cladding – after she posted an innocent selfie on Instagram.

With the introduction of Instagram, we’re able to set foot inside the intimate, personal spaces of famous people – and promptly judge their interiors like we’re Shaynna Blaze criticising some bogan couple’s bathroom revamp on The Block.

What is it about an ugly celebrity home that shocks and satisfies us so much?

We know ridiculously wealthy people will always deck out their homes with gaudy and grotesque opulence – just lots of gold paint, chrome and plaster mouldings to make the place look like it’s an ancient Roman temple even though it was built in California in 2003.

What we really love though is ugly homes that belong to celebrities who have otherwise exceptional taste.

by James Weir from

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