Mindy Hammond celebrates her birthday with family and pets

published 02.08.2020 02:01

I jumped down from my perch but I’d hardly gone two steps before Willow had grabbed Ojo and put him in a stern “sit”, while Izzy continued with Musca trotting angelically beside her towards his paddock.

With the horses (Image: Susan Hellard) But Musca was in the mood for mischief – and so was Ojo.

With one stable each to muck out, we whizzed through the job and Izzy was just about to put Musca out for his limited grazing time, when I heard a voice behind the yard gates.

Mindy with her dogs (Image: Susan Hellard) Richard had to leave at 6.30am for work and although he whispered happy birthday before he left, hoping I wouldn’t wake, the sun had other ideas and sent blinding rays of golden light through the crack between the bedroom curtains.

We finished the stables in super-quick time, which meant I could take all the dogs on a longer, more relaxed walk than usual, and when I returned to the house two beautiful birthday bouquets had arrived for me – one of sweet peas and the other of white roses and freesias.

by Mindy Hammond from feedproxy.google.com

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