NASA-SpaceX mission: Astronauts begin 19-hour journey home on historic Crew Dragon mission

published 01.08.2020 14:36

Immediately after undocking at 7:32 pm ET, the Crew Dragon's engines lit up twice in quick succession to thrust the capsule away from the space station.

And despite a hurricane impacting the Atlantic coast of Florida, the capsule left the space station at 7:35 pm ET and began its trek to a splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico.

Behnken and Hurley climbed aboard their Crew Dragon spacecraft, named Dragon Endeavour, which has been docked at the space station since the astronauts arrived in May.

New York (CNN Business) NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley bid farewell to the International Space Station and departed aboard their SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, beginning a 19-hour journey home that will mark the final stretch of an historic two-month mission.

Crew Dragon's maneuvers will all be executed by on-board computers, and Behnken and Hurley will have plenty of food and water on the vehicle.

by Jackie Wattles from

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