3 Things To Do During August's Full Moon — And 3 Things To Avoid

published 01.08.2020 13:00

Image of article '3 Things To Do During August's Full Moon — And 3 Things To Avoid'

Because of the Aquarian focus on communities and friend groups, we'll all feel tensions building up in our social lives or among colleagues that could come to boiling point under the full moon's energy.

And because Uranus, rebellious planet of unpredictability, is the cosmic wildcard of this full moon's vibe, it will form a tense square aspect to the full moon, which can create all sorts of unforeseeable circumstances, revelations, and changes of heart.

Because the full moon is taking place in Aquarius, a fixed air sign, we'll find that our emotional focus shifts toward issues facing the collective — this includes everything spanning from our social circles or groups of housemates to our teams at work or communities on the whole.

There's definitely some planetary drama taking place alongside this month's big luminary, so it's helpful to keep tabs on exactly how to survive the August 2020 full moon without succumbing to the cosmic chaos.

Whether it's planning a Zoom gathering with your besties across the country, or just having a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one, leaning into your social support network will strengthen your bonds and help ground you through the full moon changes.

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