Ford Uses Robot Dogs To Map Plant, Human Surveyors No Longer Needed

added 02.08.2020 04:35

The ability to use robot dogs, outfitted with sensors, is a much timelier and cost-effective approach than using human surveyors.

Ford Motor Company is set to abandoned traditional human surveyors for robot dogs with sensors to laser map a production plant ahead of retooling.

"Equipped with five cameras, the robots can travel up to 3 mph on a battery lasting nearly two hours and will be used to scan the plant floor and assist engineers in updating the original Computer-Aided Design which is utilized when we're getting ready to retool our plants," Ford said.

Ford's digital engineering manager Mark Goderis said, "by having the robots scan our facility, we can see what it actually looks like now and build a new engineering model.

Ford claims the robot dogs can do it for a "fraction of the cost."

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