Parents confront new challenges with online school

published 02.08.2020 01:51

Since online learning will be a new experience for parents and their children simultaneously, Pettit says acknowledging that fact can help everyone manage successfully.

Children statewide who spent their days at school now need other places to stay — and learn online, and complete homework — while their parents are at work.

"Students who have parents at home who are able to help them vs. those who may need to be watching younger siblings during the day to not have an equal chance at succeeding with online learning."

When Columbia County public schools open Monday for the 2020-21 school year, both girls will join thousands of other pupils in the county in receiving their education online.

Lauren Wright, whose daughter will attend virtual school this month in Oconee County, is prepared for the possibility that online school could last the entire academic year.

by Barbara Augsdorfer from

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