Lawmakers Want Economic Recovery Plan For Cyber ‘Day After

published 31.07.2020 11:15


During the Cold War, the US had detailed plans for “continuity of government” and restoration of critical services after a nuclear attack, Murphy notes, down to how to shore up the currency.

Patrick Murphy testifies to Congress by video “We need to direct the executive branch [to] make sure we have continuity of economy planning that’s in consultation with the private sector,” Murphy said, the former legislator lapsing into speaking of Congress in the second person plural.

“The government needs a continuity plan to ensure that critical data and technology remains available after a devastating network attack.”

Sen. Angus King WASHINGTON: The congressionally chartered Cyberspace Solarium Commission told the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday that the nation urgently needs a “continuity of economy” plan to guide recovery from a devastating cyber attack.

While a continuity of government plan can be handled in-house by federal agencies, a continuity of economy plan would take a much wider team to put together, since most of the critical players are in the private sector.