Zippo's Mars Lighter Follows NASA's Latest Launch

published 31.07.2020 22:08

Image of article 'Zippo's Mars Lighter Follows NASA's Latest Launch'

Zippo What has helped Zippo produce such a huge variety of themes is the lighter’s smooth surface, a ready medium for everything from historical motifs (the 75th anniversary of D-Day) to motivational sayings (“Follow your way and never give up”) to the logos of other brands (Harley Davidson, Playboy, Assassin’s Creed.)

The Zippo brand name has been practically synonymous with lighters since oilman George Blaisdell invented his first windproof model in 1933.

Zippo has no sponsor relationship with the United States space program, but its commemorative lighters deftly sidestep potential intellectual property issues by omitting specific mentions of NASA or the spacecraft names, instead referring to them simply as Moon or, in the latest case, Mars.

As Evers’ observations suggest, this is hardly the first time Zippo has chosen seminal moments in American history—and in the space program, specifically—to issue a special lighter.

Within hours of the launch, Zippo, the iconic American brand of lighters, quietly put a special edition lighter on sale to commemorate this latest Mars mission.

by Robert Klara from

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