BA staff and plane fanatics hunt for 747 souvenirs

published 01.08.2020 03:13

Image of article 'BA staff and plane fanatics hunt for 747 souvenirs'

Image copyright PA Media Of more than 27,000 commercial aircraft in service globally, over 20% are older than 20 years and likely to be decommissioned in the coming decade, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Image copyright British Airways/PA Media Most retired planes are either dismantled, sold to other airlines or left in storage, often in deserts.

Some are being dismantled while others are up for sale including the BA 747s," added Mr Gregory.

Image copyright Graham Wasey The retirement of BA's 747 fleet has led to a bout of nostalgia from staff and plane fanatics keen for souvenirs.

It estimated last year that more than 20,000 commercial aircraft will be retired over the next 20 years, but that was before the virus pandemic devastated the airline industry.

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