Netflix's making a movie of cult gaming favorite Beyond Good & Evil

published 31.07.2020 20:33

There’s no exact rhyme or reason to which video game franchises get the movie adaptation treatment—otherwise, why would Postal exist?

Which makes it somewhat surprising to learn that Netflix is gearing up to produce a film adaptation of 2003's Beyond Good & Evil, a game as well-known these days for its failure as a commercial endeavor as for its rapturous critical reception at the time.

Set on a far-future planet, where a young photojournalist named Jade finds herself swept up in an alien invasion, an anti-government rebellion, and the trials and tribulations of her adopted uncle (a talking pig), Beyond Good & Evil was praised back in the day for its cinematic presentation, engaging gameplay, and top-tier character work.

Now Netflix is getting into the fray, and it’s tossing the man who directed the second-most-successful video game adaptation of all time, Detective Pikachu’s Rob Letterman, at the project.

Ancel is supposedly hard at work on Beyond Good & Evil 2, but progress on the project has been silent now for years.

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