Disney’s Muppets Now has a shockingly relevant twist

published 31.07.2020 13:24

The success of various segments has less to do with the individual Muppet or particular guest then it does with chemistry.

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy’s segments routinely feature Diggs and Cardellini, who will often just sit and nod, reacting to Muppet antics, whereas other times they’re able to banter with the on-screen Muppets.

They’re generally a hit or miss, depending on the particular combination of human guest, Muppet banter, and activity.

“Lifesty-le with Miss Piggy” is a pretty standard example of how the many individual segments of Muppets Now work: let the Muppet do what they do best, give it a modern twist, toss in some celebrity guests, then cross your fingers and hope for magic.

In her segment of Muppets Now, the new unscripted Muppet series now on Disney Plus, she’s a lifestyle and beauty guru, giving her beloved audience unsolicited advice about all things lifestyle.

by @Pet_rana from polygon.com

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