The personal experiences that Lev and Yara’s actors brought to The Last of Us Part 2

published 31.07.2020 18:03

“I definitely felt like Lev was the braver, post-apocalyptic version of myself” Alexander also explained that he felt like The Last of Us Part II accurately portrays his own personal experience dealing with transphobia in real life, as well as his own personal turmoil over the religion he grew up with, Mormonism, and his acceptance of his own gender identity.

“ Lev’s storyline and portrayal as a trans character in The Last of Us Part II has inspired a lot of deep analysis, particularly around the way that Lev’s status as a trans person is revealed (the other Seraphites call Lev by his birth name).

A fan actually came out to Alexander as trans during a signing portion at the event, and told Alexander that they were so happy to see a character like Lev included in their favorite game franchise of all time.

The Last of Us Part II creative team introduced fans to Lev and Yara’s characters at the PlayStation Experience 2017 event, using this image as an illustration.

However, she described how her close bonds with her own family allowed her to better understand the motivations behind Yara’s actions to protect Lev in The Last of Us Part II’s brutal world.

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