BT's Q1 revenue and earnings fall 7% on Covid-19 impact

published 31.07.2020 10:39

Image of article 'BT's Q1 revenue and earnings fall 7% on Covid-19 impact'

BT's mobile operator EE used Huawei equipment at the core of its main 4G network.

Johnson also did not require companies to remove Huawei equipment from 4G and older networks - something BT had warned would take a decade and billions of pounds to do.

BT said today that its coverage would remain unaffected by the government's decision to phase out China's Huawei from Britain's 5G network.

BT, Britain's biggest broadband and mobile operator, laid out the impact of COVID-19 today, with earnings forecast to drop by up to 9% this year reflecting the impact of the virus on its small and large business customers.

But BT has also signed a deal with Sweden's Ericsson for a new core network that could replace Huawei's in the coming years.

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