ShareGrid Quietly Suspends 'Owner Guarantee' (UPDATE: Program Reinstated

published 31.07.2020 20:10

Image of article 'ShareGrid Quietly Suspends 'Owner Guarantee' (UPDATE: Program Reinstated'

After discussing Wil’s concerns internally, we have reinstated the Owner’s Guarantee program, effective today.

Our Owner Guarantee program is self-funded since no insurance company will insure equipment not owned by ShareGrid.

An ALL CAPS update to the ShareGrid Support page for the Owner Guarantee reveals that “Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the ShareGrid Owner Guarantee program has been suspended until further notice.”

“The guarantee was introduced last August to much fanfare and purported to protect gear owners from ‘voluntary parting’ — i.e. a renter straight-up stealing your s*** — of up to $20,000 worth of gear,” wrote Wil, a gear owner in New York City.

Last year, peer-to-peer rental services KitSplit and ShareGrid both announced a nearly identical “Owner Guarantee” that protected users in case someone they’ve rented to walks away with up to $20,000 of gear.

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