How do you appeal if the NHS refuses to fully fund your care bills

published 31.07.2020 09:08

Image of article 'How do you appeal if the NHS refuses to fully fund your care bills'

James Urquhart-Burton, partner at Ridley & Hall Solicitors and an expert in care funding, lays out the potential grounds for objecting to a decision and the key steps to mounting a successful appeal.

Also, if your appeal is not successful, you will have a further and final right of appeal to NHS England, which is called 'requesting an independent review panel'.

The independent review panel will pay special attention to how much you engaged with the CCG in relation to your first appeal.

Have you got a final decision outcome letter from the CCG following your appeal?

Has the CCG provided full contact details for NHS England so you know where your independent review panel request needs to go?

by James Urquhart-Burton from

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