Spiritfarer is about death, but also the cosy business of living

added 31.07.2020 15:48

Image of article 'Spiritfarer is about death, but also the cosy business of living'

Not all the endings are as peaceful as Gwen’s, and Guérin says that in testing, players usually encounter one that really affects them.

She helps you through the first part of the game – she is the tutorial character, almost – but she has a complex relationship with her parents, particularly her father, and her constant smoking is in fact the cause of her death.

Guérin is creative director at Thunder Lotus Games, and Spiritfarer is a slight shift from their action games Sundered and Jotun.

“You can hug anyone, by the way,” Nicolas Guérin tells me, during my recent hands-on preview.

Spiritfarer, the “cosy management game about dying”, is full of many little acts of kindness.

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