Rare shark attack in Maine may be linked to marine protection efforts

published 30.07.2020 21:29

Shark attacks are very rare, but there are some simple steps to keep safe in New England waters, starting with avoiding swimming near large schools of fish, seal pods and other common great white prey.

Great whites are also ambush attackers, meaning they swim below their predators and attack by rushing to the surface, and it’s likely that the shark confused Holowach, who was wearing a dark wetsuit, for a seal or other prey.

However, it’s more likely that increasing food availability – in the shape of more seals – attracts sharks more than rising water temperatures, Hueter said.

Great white sharks off the coast of Maine are not new, Hueter said.

A fatal shark attack in Maine may be linked to rebounding shark populations after they faced near decimation 40 years ago along the New England coast, according to experts.

by Valerie Yurk from theguardian.com

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