Bar Examinees Learn Another Test-Taker Tests Positive For COVID

published 30.07.2020 12:23

Image of article 'Bar Examinees Learn Another Test-Taker Tests Positive For COVID'

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In the meantime, everyone who took the bar exam this week needs to quarantine themselves from friends and loved ones now.

We have bar exams relying on spot temperature checks despite knowing for months that the virus is highly contagious in pre-symptomatic patients.

We’re now hearing that Colorado is the lucky state to have the first news of a positive COVID patient taking the exam: Colorado had an opportunity to join the enlightened Western states of Utah, Washington, and Oregon and just grant diploma privilege, but decided instead to go forward and characterize advocates as lazy people who “don’t want to take the exam.”

With over 20 jurisdictions holding in-person bar exams this week, many with nominal adherence to basic public health guidelines, it was inevitable that we’d learn that the novel coronavirus also managed to sit for the exam.

by Joe Patrice from

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