Silicon MacBook could launch on 27 October and cost $800

published 30.07.2020 16:20

Image of article 'Silicon MacBook could launch on 27 October and cost $800'

@ihacktu's tweet also indicated that there will be a new iPad Pro and Apple Glass at the same event.

@ihacktu claimed the MacBook will return with Apple Silicon in addition we will see a 13in MacBook Pro also with Silicon processor.

And this first Mac boasting Apple's Silicon processor (aka the ARM Mac) will apparently be the MacBook - the one that Apple discontinued in 2019.

The tweet has now been deleted (of course), but included details of a possible keynote at which, the tweet claimed, Apple would present the iPad Pro and the first ARM Macs.

In addition to the possible release date for the new Apple Silicon Macs, prices for the first ARM Macs are now circulating.

by Halyna Kubiv from

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