Should you be feeding your pet raw food

published 29.07.2020 02:00

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Both animal experts we interviewed said that a lot of the fancier pet foods with claims on the package aren’t nutritionally complete.

One of the more popular DIY pet food regimens is the raw food diet, which boosters claim is what animals are meant to eat, despite there being no evidence that uncooked food is any easier to digest or better from a nutritional standpoint.

Dodd isn’t saying there aren’t also problems that crop up with conventional commercial pet foods, which are occasionally subject to recalls for a range of reasons, including sometimes having lower levels of vitamins and minerals than they’re supposed to.

The study found only 13 per cent of respondents fed their animals only conventional pet food — a big change over the 10-year comparison period.

“Because it’s such a big industry, there are a lot of boutique foods with names like ‘nature something’ or ‘science that’ or god-knows-what, and there’s a lot of research that goes behind making a label look appealing to humans.

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