2K's New NFL Games Will Feature Real-Life Players

published 30.07.2020 10:30

2K Games announced today that it’s struck a deal to be able to include the names, numbers, and likenesses of actual NFL pros in its upcoming football games.

The deal reportedly includes access to over 2,000 current NFL players who 2K will now be able to digitally render in its revived NFL game series, the first game of which is currently set to arrive sometime next year.

2K and the NFL signed a deal earlier this year to let the NBA 2K publisher start putting out its own football games using the official NFL license.

The only caveat was they had to be “non-simulation football game experiences,” so as not to directly compete with EA’s existing Madden NFL series.

Maybe it plans to make a more arcade-y football game that has just enough bonkers mechanics and balancing in it that nobody would confuse it with the hyper-realistic representations EA churns out every year.

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