Pichai says 'Google cares', Bezos 'can't remember' in Congressional hearing

published 30.07.2020 11:33

Image of article 'Pichai says 'Google cares', Bezos 'can't remember' in Congressional hearing'

"Apple CEO Tim Cook contended that his company does not have a dominant market share "in any market where we do business" and prioritises the quality of product versus scale.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg faced fire over the company's acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, a pervasive strategy of copying competitors' features, selling user data to third parties and the forest fire analogy of how fake news and conspiracy theories go wild on the mighty platform.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos repeatedly offered "I don't remember" or "We are looking into it" as an answer to lawmaker concerns about how the company might be killing off small businesses, poaching ideas from competitors or employee testimony that there is "nobody enforcing" policies in a company that has become a "candy shop" of seller data.

Google CEO struggled to deflect accusations of anti-conservative bias and retreated multiple times to a "Happy to engage with you" answer in response to questions that went deep into the working of the company's mighty algorithms.

Four big tech CEOs -- Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, of Google and Tim Cook of Apple -- pushed back against accusations during a panel hearing capping a yearlong investigation into these companies' market domination online.

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