Local Hamptonites to city slickers: Stay away from our schools!

published 30.07.2020 00:17

Image of article 'Local Hamptonites to city slickers: Stay away from our schools!'

“A lot of parents say they’re going to enroll their kids in public schools … but then they realize the class size is getting enormous.

“Parents feel the academics will be easier at a public school — and their kid can shine,” said education consultant Chris Rim, who’s usually based in NYC but temporarily moved to Amagansett, as his clients have migrated east.

Amagansett SchoolEdmund J Coppa Some wealthy city parents are hoping to save $50,000 in annual tuition by enrolling their kids in what they see as less-demanding public schools — and gain a college-admissions advantage.

After reports of Hamptons schools being inundated this fall, with one school in Amagansett expecting to double its enrollment in the new school year, locals are bracing for an influx of pushy city parents and their offspring who aren’t leaving their summer homes when the season ends.

Andi O’HearnCourtesy Ross School “We are running out of [enrollment] space, but we do have the facilities,” said O’Hearn, who’s hopeful there will be in-person learning in the upcoming academic year.

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