Dr. Fauci on why the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Black communities

published 29.07.2020 17:50

Image of article 'Dr. Fauci on why the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Black communities'

So, when you see people in authority and people at the community level saying the same thing, hopefully, you can get the African American community to essentially do things for their own benefit because it's for your own benefit to protect yourself from this infection.

So I often joke, but it's the truth, you want to go into the African American community with people who look and think and act like the people you're trying to convince.

When I started the HIV program at the [National Institutes of Health], we developed relationships with community reps who were trusted by the African American community because they were reflecting the African American community.

The other side of the coin — and this has a lot to do with long-term social determinants of health — as a demographic group, African Americans have disproportionately greater incidents of the underlying conditions that allow you to have a more unfavorable outcome, namely more serious disease, hospitalization and even death.

You don't like to generalize, but as a demographic group, the African American community is more likely to be in a job that does not allow them to stay at home and do teleworking most of the time, they're in essential jobs.

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