Read Tim Cook's full opening statement to today's antitrust committee

published 29.07.2020 10:16

Image of article 'Read Tim Cook's full opening statement to today's antitrust committee'

Following the recent PR party line, Cook will say that most apps on the store keep 100% of the money they make (for instance, Netflix only sells subscription outside of the App Store or shopping apps delivering real-world goods do not have to pay Apple a commission).

Cook will remind the hearing that Apple lets developer sets the price of their apps and does not charge anything for just being listed in the store.

Cook will say that the App Store is a trusted place for users to discover apps and a means of providing a secure way for developers to make and distribute apps for all iPhone users around the world.

Of course, the reason why Apple is in the firing line is the App Store.

Apple notes that the company has never raised commission rates or added fees in the App Store’s history.

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