How people can like, comment, and subscribe in your shared photos albums

published 28.07.2020 14:00

Source: iMore How to disable notifications for a shared photo album If people are frequently adding images to or liking photos in a shared photo album over a short period of time, you might not want to repeatedly get notifications.

Source: iMore How to like or comment on photos or videos in a shared photo album Turn iCloud into your own private social network with its liking and commenting features: When you open a photo or video in a shared album, you'll be able to like and comment on them, just as you would on a service like Facebook or Instagram.

Source: iMore How to let other people add photos and video to your shared photo album iCloud's photo sharing service isn't just a one-way trip: You can create collaborative shared albums so that everyone can contribute.

Source: iMore How to remove someone from a shared photo album Whether you accidentally invited someone to the wrong shared album or you just don't want them to have access anymore, you can get rid of a subscriber to a shared album pretty quickly.

Source: iMore How to add someone to a shared photo album Want to show a new person the photos and videos you've added to an existing shared album?

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