Android's oft-forgotten time-savers

published 28.07.2020 02:00

Well, let me tell you, you gorgeous gecko: With the right sort of launcher setup, you'll see an additional Sesame-logo-shaped icon within every app's long-press menu, right above its shortcuts.

It's a little somethin' called Sesame, and it can do an awful lot of different things — but specific to our discussion today, it lets you take control of an app's shortcut list to both expand it and condense it in some pretty effective ways.

The especially tricky thing about Android's App Shortcuts is that even if you do remember that they exist in general, you never know which apps support the system and which don't — or when any given app is updated with a richer set of shortcut options — unless you just haphazardly press icons all the time to see what, if anything, happens.

It happened to me with some of the Gmail tips we talked about last week, and now it's happened to me again with a powerful shortcut system built right into Android and supported by tons of different apps.

Android's App Shortcuts system certainly has some conceptual problems, and it's yet another unfortunate example of Android sliding back into old bad habits and putting valuable options out of sight and out of mind.

by Jr Raphael from

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