Why Bowdoin College is giving students iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard instead of Macs for online classes

published 28.07.2020 16:45

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a shift to online learning, Bowdoin College has announced that it will supply all students not only with an iPad Pro, but also with a Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Schools at all levels regularly provide students with iPad hardware for distance learning, but Bowdoin’s implementation is particularly interesting given that the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil are also being included.

This means Bowdoin students will have access to the latest and most powerful iPad hardware and accessories.

There appear to be four key reasons for this decision, according to Bowdoin College administrator Michael Cato: the iPad Pro’s support for LTE connectivity, the availability of apps, camera hardware, and accessibility features.

Once a student graduates, they can buy out the iPad Pro and accessories from Bowdoin College for $1 — but the university will encourage students to return the products so they can be used by other students.

by Powerbeats Pro from 9to5mac.com

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