Facial Recognition Tech Is Failing Against Masked Faces

published 28.07.2020 14:24

Image of article 'Facial Recognition Tech Is Failing Against Masked Faces'

The pandemic has proved facial recognition systems such as Apple’s Face ID are not built to recognize people under masks.

Unlike the controversial facial recognition systems that are being employed, for instance, to identify protesters, this NIST study focuses on one-to-one algorithms that try to match two photos of the same person.

Ngan adds that the team, for its next round of studies, is now examining new facial recognition tech that is engineered with masked faces in mind and one-to-many searches.

In a recent internal bulletin (via The Intercept), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security expressed worry over “potential impacts that widespread use of protective masks could have on security operations that incorporate face recognition systems.”

However, the rampant use of facial recognition systems across the United States and the growth of controversial startups such as Clearview A.I. has faced pushback from both privacy advocates and tech giants.

by Shubham Agarwal from digitaltrends.com

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