Hotel room rates in Las Vegas low but still above US average

published 28.07.2020 16:08

Image of article 'Hotel room rates in Las Vegas low but still above US average'

In a report last week, Macquarie laid out average daily room rates for a number of properties in the coming months.

He said many room rates are higher than expected, and pointed to some high-end properties still being able to price their room rates in the $200s at times.

There’s so much more to Las Vegas than just a hotel room and pool, even in these times,” said Alan Feldman, distinguished fellow at the UNLV International Gaming Institute.

Many Las Vegas room rates are below pre-pandemic levels in an effort to attract more visitors, but pricing has held steadier compared with many other markets.

Beynon said room rate discounts are always strongest in the summer, and added that pricing is expected to improve when more nongaming amenities return to Las Vegas properties.

by Bailey Schulz from

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