So you tested positive for antibodies. Now what

published 28.07.2020 15:08

Image of article 'So you tested positive for antibodies. Now what'

However, scientists and people who test positive for coronavirus antibodies urge people to remember that antibodies can’t guarantee immunity from Covid-19.

What it's actually like to have antibodies — Those who actually have coronavirus antibodies like Patrick Southern, 36, want to make it exceedingly clear that they’re not letting their positive antibody results get to their head.

When the term "immunity" was used to describe antibody tests, 19.1 percent of people "erroneously perceived they would have no risk of catching coronavirus in the future given an antibody-positive test result."

In March, scientists began testing the idea that antibodies might actually help treat Covid-19 patients.

This situation is made more complicated by the fact that commercial antibody tests can deliver false positives, false negatives, and detect a subtype of antibody that doesn't actually confer immunity.

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