Intel launches the Core i9 10850K – essentially a cheaper 10900K

published 28.07.2020 14:00

The Core i9 10850K is a strange one, though, if only for the fact that it sits incredibly close to the Core i9 10900K, the current fastest gaming CPU on the market.

So someone looking for a top-end CPU is likely to spend the extra $30 on a 10900K over the 10850K, even if it only means an extra 100MHz of performance.

Considering how difficult it often is to find a 10900K for retail online, it’s possible that the top end of the latest 14nm generation has yields that aren’t quite reaching the 10900K’s rated clock speeds, and the 10850K has been added to the market to clear this ‘almost there’ stock.

One thing the 10850K might bring, though, is a more immediately available high-end Intel CPU that doesn’t suffer from the apparent stocking issues of the 10900K.

For those looking to build a spectacular gaming rig, the 10850K might be the best option if it’s still difficult to get your hands on a 10900K.

by Jacob Fox from

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