Cosmetology students, hairstylists describe a race divide

published 28.07.2020 09:28

Image of article 'Cosmetology students, hairstylists describe a race divide'

“On one hand, I wanted to service these clients because I wanted them to feel comfortable and not have someone who was going to struggle with their hair texture, but on the other hand, I'm like, `Well all these other students should learn, too,'” she said.

When it came time to work on live clients, those of color were sent to the Black students, Johnson said.

The only Black mannequin there, they labeled her Overly Curly.

One of the changes is getting practice dolls with a wider range of textured hair, said Paul Mitchell brand ambassador John Mosley, a Black barber in Dallas.

In the Paul Mitchell curriculum, Mosley said, hair is broken down as “straight, wavy, curly and extra curly,” along with “fine, medium and coarse.”

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