Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra rumours, features and specs

published 28.07.2020 14:11

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Sammobile reported that its sources claimed Samsung is making three models for the Galaxy S21 series, likely to be called the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra - though the names could change.

A leaker called Mauri QHD claimed on Twitter that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra might use an unannounced 5mn Exynos 1000 chipset, while the Galaxy S21 will opt for the Exynos 991 or 992 without AMD GPU.

Samsung will undoubtedly offer a big focus on the camera for the Galaxy S21 range, especially in the case of the S21 Ultra.

It's been suggested the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will run on the unannounced Exynos 1000 - a 5nm chipset said to compete with the unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 - which the US version of the device will likely offer.

For now, Samsung has not confirmed the name for the next Galaxy S device but as most rumours call it the Galaxy S21, that's what we will refer to it in this feature until there is any substantiating evidence suggesting otherwise.

by Britta O'Boyle from

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