Hotels are promoting the nostalgia of the family road trip

published 27.07.2020 02:00

Image of article 'Hotels are promoting the nostalgia of the family road trip'

Given that many pools, spas, gyms and restaurants remain closed or are operating in only a limited capacity, hotels are promoting nearby parks, scenery and vistas along with simple activities that are easy to do while maintaining social distance.

While the campaigns may evoke an earlier era, hotel marketing departments are interacting with would-be travellers on social media and using web browsing data analytics to figure out which images, activities and places people search for when they think about a getaway.

“This is really going back 50 years or more when people were very eager to get in the car and drive,” said Chekitan Dev, professor of marketing and branding at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.

Although some hotels have kept a trickle of guests coming through the doors by catering to essential workers, people seeking a change in scenery and willing to drive to a vacation spot are the industry’s lifeline for the foreseeable future.

Executives say they also are relying more heavily on their own internal data analytics, including what pages people look at or what images make them click to learn more, as well as surveys and social media feedback.

by Martha C. White from

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