Air Force Seeks Startups To Build High-Tech ‘Bases Of The Future

published 27.07.2020 17:38

“The cornerstone of this discussion for the week is “Base of the Future,” starting with all the things that have to happen at Tyndall Air Force Base for looking to build that base in the future,” said Col. Nathan Diller, director of the Air Force’s innovation hub AWERX.

AFWERX Fusion is the annual flagship event put on by the service’s AFWERX innovation hub, each tailored to solve a set of Air Force needs.

But the service is convinced that the technologies and services showcased at the event also will lead to future upgrades, not just at other Air Force bases, but those of the other services as well.

“There is not one support function, or frankly operational function, that couldn’t benefit from some aspect of machine learning applied to it,” Air Force Capt. Michael Kanaan, director of operations at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Accelerator, told reporters today.

Diller and other members of the Base of the Future team briefing reporters today on the event said that besides the typical panel discussions and ‘challenge’ demonstrations used in previous Air Force pitch days, this year’s AFWERX Fusion also includes virtual happy hours and networking opportunities, complete with performers such as Jay Leno.

by Theresa Hitchens from

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