Northrop Teaming With Startups To Build Autonomy Chops

published 27.07.2020 14:24

In essence, he explained, Starburst scouts for startup firms (no older than 5 years) in emerging high tech sectors, such as autonomy, quantum science and alternative energy, that have or are near to having prototypes to match with Northrop Grumman’s defined needs.

Northrop Grumman also is the prime contractor for the venerable RQ-4 Global Hawk drone that the Air Force is seeking to retire.

As Breaking D readers know, Northrop Grumman was one of four contractors (Boeing, General Atomics and Kratos) chosen by the Air Force last week to compete for future production under the Skyborg program, aimed at integrating autonomous, attritable unmanned air vehicle (UAV) technology with open missions systems to enable manned-unmanned aircraft teaming.

WASHINGTON: Just weeks before winning a place in the Air Force’s coveted Skyborg program, Northrop Grumman held a ‘pitch day’ seeking innovative startups to help it with developing cutting-edge autonomous systems.

During the autonomy pitch day, the startups made their pitches to some 250 program leaders across Northrop Grumman’s business portfolios, he explained, to see if the technologies/services being pitched were possible solutions for the problems faced by various Northrop customers.

by Theresa Hitchens from

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