UK electricity grid's carbon emissions could turn negative by 2033, says National Grid

published 27.07.2020 07:01

This could mean that by 2035 the amount of gas burned to produce electricity without carbon capture technology may halve, according to National Grid.

National Grid believes that using carbon capture to trap the bioenergy power plant emissions would effectively mean the electricity produced from bioenergy would save 62m tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050, the equivalent to about 13% of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

The report warned that the UK will not meet its legally binding ambition to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 without “immediate action” from the government on key energy policies, and the negative emissions from bioenergy combined with carbon capture and storage.

In National Grid’s most progressive vision for Britain’s pathway towards its 2050 climate targets it claims that net carbon emissions from the electricity sector could turn negative within 13 years by using carbon capture technology alongside bioenergy sources.

Carbon emissions from Britain’s electricity system could turn negative by as early as 2033 if the UK uses carbon capture technology alongside more renewable energy to reach its climate targets, according to a report from National Grid.

by Jillian Ambrose from

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