Hand sanitiser manufacturers warned not to breach rules

published 27.07.2020 07:05

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The company's website said that "Zafe Zone is an industrial-strength sanitiser that lasts for 30 days on hard surfaces and 24 hours on hands.

Zafe Zone is an Australian business that sells both a disinfectant and hand sanitiser product.

(ABC News: Nick Haggarty)The TGA has approved two recipes for hand sanitiser that Australian suppliers must meet to be able to produce it without TGA approval; one requires 80 per cent ethanol, and the other requires 75 per cent isopropyl alcohol.

Key points: At the start of the pandemic the TGA made it easier for local companies to move into the hand sanitiser market The TGA says manufacturers must stick to the guidelines about composition and advertising of the product The TGA said companies cannot claim their products kill coronavirus unless they have TGA approval to do so At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia faced a dramatic shortage of hand sanitiser, as demand from businesses and personal consumers soared.

Zafe Zone also said in a written response: "Zafe Zone's hand sanitiser product (which for all intents and purposes is Zoono's hand sanitiser product) is classified as a 'cosmetic' product and does not require TGA approval.

by ( Abc from abc.net.au

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