Thomasina Miers' favourite recipe for chocolate financiers

published 27.07.2020 14:00

Roughly chop the chocolate buttons to the size of a small fingernail (these are exceedingly small cakes) and fold into the batter, reserving a few teaspoons to scatter on the top.

Remove from the heat and pour out 110g of this browned butter into the bowl with the nuts and flour mixture.

Empty into a bowl (with the ground almonds if you are using them instead of the whole almonds) and the sugar, flour and salt.

Generously grease any small mould or mini-muffin tin you can find with softened butter, going all the way up the sides (these cakes rise a lot).

180g butter, plus extra for greasing 110g blanched whole or ground almonds (whichever you have) 100g blanched hazelnuts 200g caster sugar 70g plain flour ¼ tsp fine sea salt 6 large egg whites ½ tsp vanilla extract 60g dark chocolate buttons, or Nutella Heat the oven to 180C (160C fan)/350F/gas 4.

by Thomasina Miers from

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