Australia sues Google over data collection practices that merged DoubleClick data to create single user profiles

published 27.07.2020 03:37

“Google misled consumers when it failed to properly inform consumers, and did not gain their explicit informed consent, about its move in 2016 to start combining personal information in consumers’ Google accounts with information about those individuals’ activities on non-Google sites that used Google technology, formerly DoubleClick technology, to display ads,” the Commission’s announcement says.

But the ACCC says that notice was accompanied by a change to Google Australia’s privacy policy, which prior to June 2016 said the company “will not combine DoubleClick cookie information with personally identifiable information unless we have your opt-in consent.”

The ACCC’s beef is that Google started to combine its own data with information gathered by DoubleClick and did so without properly informing users, making its process for securing consent misleading.

The Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) has hauled Google into the nation’s Federal Court for misleading local users “… to obtain their consent to expand the scope of personal information that Google could collect and combine about consumers’ internet activity, for use by Google, including for targeted advertising.”

ACCC chair Rod Sims said: “We are taking this action because we consider Google misled Australian consumers about what it planned to do with large amounts of their personal information, including internet activity on websites not connected to Google.”

by Simon Sharwood from

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