Facebook Criticized For Temporarily Blocking Entire Domain 'Dreamwidth.org

added 27.07.2020 08:40

Dreamwidth is an online journal service based on the LiveJournal codebase , according to Wikipedia — "a code fork of the original service, set up by ex-LiveJournal staff Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith, born out of a desire for a new community based on open access, transparency, freedom and respect."

"I discovered, about an hour ago, that all of my posts on Facebook which were links to Dreamwidth had vanished .

Suddenly gone as if they'd never existed," complained Dreamwidth user Andrew Ducker on Sunday morning.Though that afternoon he posted "All working fine now," thousands had already seen his original post (quoted below):"This may be an overzealous spam filter at work," Slashdot reader JoshuaZ had argued.

But even before Facebook adjusted their filtering, Dreamwidth co-owner Mark Smith was calling it " definitely a bit of a /shrug moment ... 'Facebook gonna Facebook' I think is approximately how we feel about this..."We do not have any goals around growth, we don't advertise, and we ultimately don't care that much what the other platforms do.

Our goal is to give people a stable home where they don't have to worry about their data being sold, their writing being monetized..."

by Editordavid On from rss.slashdot.org

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