T. Rowe Price: Grow Wealthy With This Asset Manager (NASDAQ:TROW

published 26.07.2020 23:08

T. Rowe Price is a leading asset manager with a track record of having many actively-managed funds that have outperformed the broader market.

The notion of sticky client relationships is supported by a recent survey that T. Rowe Price conducted, which showed that 83% of 401(k) participants expressed interest in keeping their savings in their current employer plan upon retirement.

In addition, clients are less likely to switch retirement accounts to other asset managers, especially given T. Rowe Price's performance track record, and the wide range of offerings provided by its platform.

Morningstar, which is well-known for its comprehensive ratings on the mutual fund industry, shared this positive view of the company in its latest research report: While COVID-19 and the related market volatility have presented the firm with risks, I'm encouraged by the resiliency of the business model and the loyalty of the client base, as evidenced by the monthly increases in AUM that the company has reported since the end of March.

T. Rowe Price Group is a leading asset manager that provides mutual funds, employer-sponsored retirement programs, and financial advisory services.

by Gen Alpha from seekingalpha.com

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