Should you tell a new partner if you have cheated before

published 27.07.2020 03:01

Image of article 'Should you tell a new partner if you have cheated before'

An Australian dating coach has polled the public about whether you should tell a new partner if you cheated in a previous relationship.

Relationship expert Louanne Ward, from Perth, Western Australia, posed the controversial question on her Facebook page She Said, He Said, calling on members to decide if 'honesty was the best policy'.

Some people were of the opinion that meeting someone new should be like 'turning over a new leaf' and the past could be left unsaid, while others insisted that couples should be an 'open book' with one another.

Everyone says "honesty is one of their highest values" however when confronted with an action someone took in the past, their value of "loyalty" and sometimes "moral high ground" on a topic will totally override the courage, honesty and respect they have just been shown by being presented with the "truth,"' said another.

I always try to be an open book with a new partner'.

by Matilda Rudd from

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